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One of the most important aspects of living in a senior home is the quality and variety of food.

For many older adults, food is not only a source of nourishment, but also a way of preserving their culture and identity. That's why at our senior home, we offer a menu that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of our residents.

a dining room with tables and chairs

The Olive Grove is our dining lounge that offers fresh meals prepared onsite by trained cooks who cater to European tastes and accommodate specialized diets. You can choose from a variety of dishes, from pasta and salads to roast beef and fish. You can also invite your family and friends to join you for a meal, as the Olive Grove welcomes guests of all ages.


Our Olive Grove dining room is spacious and comfortable.  You can dine with your fellow residents, and you can also invite your family and friends to join you for a special occasion. We offer a continental breakfast every morning, so you can start your day with a variety of choices.

Dining at the Olive Grove is more than just eating. It's a social and enjoyable experience that enhances your quality of life. Come and see for yourself why our residents love our food and service. You'll be glad you did!

a bowl of beef stew with potatoes and bread
a rendering of a dining room with tables and chairs and a fireplace


Bring your newspaper and come drink a cup of coffee in the Olive Branch Café. This is our community hub, the place to meet your neighbours and make friends. 

If you are feeling peckish between meals, you can always visit the Olive Branch Café, for refreshments and snacks, available 24 hours a day for residents. You can grab a cup of coffee,  a pastry, or a fresh fruit anytime you want. 


The Olive Grove also has a private dining room that you can reserve for parties or special occasions. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or just have a fun time with your loved ones, the private dining room is the perfect place to host your event. You can customize your menu and enjoy the attentive service of our dining team.

freshly prepared breakfast burrito
a rendering of a bar area with people sitting at tables

And for those who like to unwind with a drink, the Grapevine Bar is the place to be. The Grapevine Bar is a licensed bar that has a daily happy hour and serves specialty coffee and lattes. You can enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, or a cocktail with your friends while playing a game of cards, billiards or just relaxing in the Fireplace Lounge.